Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive holistic ‘energetic’ healing art, which seeks to balance the body’s electromagnetic fields. It consists of bodywork, counseling, Polarity Yoga (stretching exercises), and nutritional guidance. Its founder, Dr. Randolph Stone was an Osteopath, a Chiropractor, and a Naturopath. Polarity Therapy was his synthesis of many eastern and western health traditions and philosophies that spanned a sixty-year career. It is based upon the principle of life energy, which sustains all living things, it’s manifestation and directional flow in the body. Polarity takes into account the holistic relationship between structural alignment, thought processes, emotional expression, and spiritual awareness,  understanding that an imbalance on one level will affect all others. 

In Polarity Therapy it is understood that pain and disease result from a block or interruption in the life energy currents. Through sensitive communication, and a variety of methods and techniques, the polarity therapist is able to identify where your energy is blocked and can assist in liberating the congested areas in your body, emotions, and mind, helping you to achieve a more balanced state over-all. Results will vary with each individual, based upon ones receptivity to the work, the overall integration achieved thus far (spiritual, psychological and physical), and other factors. Polarity is a fully clothed modality. Please wear loose comfortable clothing or fabrics that stretch easily.

For more in-depth information about Polarity Therapy and the founder, Dr. Randolph Stone  Click this link. 

Polarity Yoga

In Polarity Yoga, the body, the mind, and the subtle energies are all engaged simultaneously. As Dr. Stone describes in his book Health Building, “The principle of Yoga is to join and balance the tattwas, or elemental functions of the five elements, with the prana energy, the breath of life, which animates them. Any posture or stretch in a Yoga designed for health must meet the requirements of the constitution of man by balancing “the above” (the subtle causal patterns of mind and sound current energy) with “the below” (the gross elements of solids and liquids in the structural frame).” These are easy stretching exercises, and it is more about posture rather than strenuous exertion of difficult positions. Consciousness is integrated in a deep way in these exercises and energy always flows greater with consciousness.

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