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Fundamental Principles of Polarity Therapy

Fundamental Principles of Polarity Therapy – From the Introduction to the Collected Works – Dr. Randolph Stone, D.C., D.O.

  • There is a source of energy within every system (whether it be an atom, a solar system, a human being, or the universe), and Dr. Stone refers to that source in a person as “soul.”
  • Energy has its own patterns and direction of flow through positive and negative poles. For balance and health, the energy must flow freely through its fields, to and from its source.
  • Energy is “stepped down” through different levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. These levels interact, one reflecting another as the energy flows through the individual.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive holistic healing art that is based upon:

  • Life principles, energy principles, and laws of nature with universal application.
  • Specific therapeutic techniques, methods, and guidelines, many of which are hands on.
  • Sensitive counseling techniques which assist in stress management and life style changes.
  • Polarity yoga (stretching exercises) and nutritional guidance which are related to the five elements.

In Polarity it is understood that when life energy currents are blocked, pain and disease result. This pain can be experienced on many levels, i.e, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. In a polarity session, communication with reflective listening is implemented first. Often this first step brings a greater conscious awareness and clarity to the client that did not exist before. This also allows the therapist to identify any sources of imbalance, their origin, and guides them to the areas of the body to be worked upon. In the bodywork session, the therapist stimulates the life energies, directing the currents through specific areas, using various techniques and pressures (sattvic, rajasic, tamasic), and according to the triune function of positive, negative, and neutral poles located in the body. This triune function of positive, negative, and neutral poles in the body is governed by the zodiacal signs, and the elements which are related to them. Through Polarity Therapy one’s health is enhanced; a stronger integration and balance is achieved in all aspects of one’s life.


Polarity Therapy – About the founder –
Dr. Randolph Stone

Dr. Randolph Stone was born in Austria and emigrated to the United States in 1903. He was thoroughly educated in all the drugless therapies  (Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Naprapathy, Naturopathy, etc.), but he also studied the Hermetic system in Egypt, The Unani system in Greece,  Chinese medicine, Zone Therapy,  Reflexology, Yoga, Acupuncture, and most deeply – Ayurvedic Medicine. He was a seeker, and integrated a tremendous variety of spiritual, philosophical, esoteric, and metaphysical principles into his work. His work was a synthesis of eastern and western medicine, and he sought to find the one unifying principle that underlies all health traditions. For more than four decades, he made research into energy fields in their relation to the healing art. In Dr. Stones own words, “I started with the life principle in the center and worked outward in its application. I studied most of the ancient concepts of life and their approach to the life in man as an energy radiation principle in Nature in relation to the unit of life in man.”

“He taught what is today being called the new paradigm, the ‘New Physics’. He taught that the human flesh we identify as our own bodies is not, in fact, a solid thing, but a system of coordinated energy patterns that are generally in movement. It was his discovery that sickness results from specific inhibitions in the flow of this energy. And he spent fifty or more years developing manual methods of healing human malfunctioning, by learning to restore natural movement of the energy fields…He was a divinely inspired healer, and he was a pioneer physician.”  — from the Foreword by Robert K. Hall, M.D. Health Building, The Conscious Art of Living Well, Dr. Randolph Stone – 1890-1981

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